Best Promotion Gift Earphone

Best Promotion Gift Earphone

Hands free mobile phone earphone 3.5mm handfree phone headset with MIC for iphone earphone

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First, how is the headset classified

1, according to the principle of energy transfer

It is mainly composed of three categories: Dynamic, Balanced Arma- tive, and Electrostatic (Electrostatic) headphones. Although there are several magnetic and other types in addition to these three categories, they have either been eliminated or used. For professional use, the Hi-Fi market has very little market share. We will not discuss it here.

Dynamic Headphones: At present, most earphone earphones belong to this category. The principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected with the diaphragm. The coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving of the signal current.

Dynamic Iron Headphones: Also known as balance armature, it was originally used for hearing aids. The moving iron unit can be made smaller in diameter to design earphones with greater ear depth.

Electrostatic headphones: The diaphragm is in a changing electric field. The diaphragm is extremely thin and accurate to several micrometers. The coil drives the diaphragm to sound under the driving force of the electric field.

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