Wired Headphone for iphone6 plus

Wired Headphone for iphone6 plus

3.5mm In-Ear headphones earphone for iphone 6

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Wired Headphone for iphone6 pluse.jpg


Wired Headphone for iphone6 plus.jpgWired Headphone for iphone6 plus.jpgWired Headphone for iphone6 plus.jpgWired Headphone for iphone6 plus.jpg

Range: The range between the highest and lowest levels of a musical instrument.

vocal timbre: also known as timbre, one of the basic attributes of sound, such as erhu and pipa, which are different timbre sounds: for example, speaking in a jar The kind of sound is typical of the tone. 

Sound field: The sum of spatial relationships formed by different sounds and their states. 

Positioning: The fixed position of the three-dimensionally distributed sounding device presented in the audio playback space. Distortion: The output of the device cannot reproduce its input completely, resulting in distortion of the waveform or increase or decrease of the signal component. 

Dynamic: Allows you to record the ratio of maximum information to minimum information. 

Image Force: The ability to focus on audio during playback. 

Transparency: whether the sound pattern is clear and easy to understand. 

Sound fullness: The proportion of high, medium, and low sounds of the replay sound is appropriate, and the high-pitched sound is moderate, the mid-range sound is sufficient, and it sounds somewhat elastic. 

Hierarchy: Hierarchical sound means that the reverberation sound can truly reflect the overall feeling of a band. 

Clear: It means that the language is intelligible and the music is clearly structured. 

Balance: refers to the coordination of the various parts of the music, the consistency of the left and right channels. Strength: It means that the sound is strong and powerful, it can have a sense of excitement, and it can reflect the dynamic range of the sound source. 

Roundness: It means that the sound is beautiful, shiny, and spiky. 

Soft: It means the sound is loose, the high sound is not harsh, and the sound is sweet and comfortable. Convergence: It means that the sound can be blended together and the sense of wholeness and groupness is good. 

Realism: It refers to the feature that the sound can keep the original sound. 

Presence: Replaying sound makes people feel immersive. 

Three-dimensional feeling: It means that the sound has a sense of space, the sound image bearing is accurate, and it has a sense of width and depth.

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PE Bag , White Box,Blister Box,Customized Packaging; or bulk packingor as your advise.

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Shipped in 1-3 days after payment.

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   DHL usuallyor upsTNSchina post and EMS.Or as your advise.

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Wired Headphone for iphone6 plus.jpg

Wired Headphone for iphone6 plus.jpg

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