Remote&Mic Wired Headphones

Remote&Mic Wired Headphones

Nowadays, it is the earphone that is widely used in many high-grade earphones.

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Mainly open, semi-open, closed (closed)

The closed earphones wrap your ears with their own soft pads to completely cover them. These headsets have large sound pads, so they are larger, but they can be used in noisy environments without affecting them. The earmuffs have large oppression on the ears to prevent sounds from coming in and out, and the correct positioning of the sound is clear. This type of earphone has a disadvantage in that the bass sound is severely stained, and the W100 is an obvious example.

The open headphones are a popular style of headphones. The feature of this type of machine is that the sound-absorbing ear pad is made by using a sponge-like microcellular foam plastic. It is compact and comfortable to wear. It no longer uses heavy sound pads, so there is no sense of isolation from the outside world. The sound can be leaked, and vice versa. If the headset is open to a high degree, you can hear the sound from the other side of the unit, forming a certain amount of mutual feedback, making the sense of hearing natural. But its low-frequency losses are large, and some people say that its low-frequency accuracy. Open headphones generally sound natural, comfortable to wear, and are commonly seen in home-appreciated HIFI headphones.

The semi-open earphone is a new type of earphone that combines the advantages of both closed and open type earphones (it is a hybrid, combining the advantages of the first two types of earphones, and improving the inadequacies). Such headphones use a multi-diaphragm structure. In addition to an active active diaphragm, there are multiple passive driven diaphragms. It has many characteristics such as rich and low frequency description, high-frequency description of bright and natural, clear layers and so on. Nowadays, it is the earphone that is widely used in many high-grade earphones.

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