Bose Hearphones

Bose Hearphones

TURN UP THE TALK. TURN DOWN THE NOISE. Conversation-enhancing headphones: Hear the world on your terms by controlling the sound around you. Innovative technologies in Bose Hearphones amplify softer sounds, let you turn down the distractions in noisy environments and focus on what you want to hear—like a conversation across the table.

Product Details

Hear better

For years, Bose has been dedicated to helping you hear every note of your music. Now, we want to help you hear every word of your conversations. Bose Hearphones are conversation-enhancing headphones that are specially designed to help you hear in louder environments. Active Noise Reduction makes any conversation in a noisy place easier and more comfortable, taking the edge off the noisy world. Focus on the voices you want to hear—and filter out the noises you don’t—so you can comfortably hear every word. From now on, how you hear is up to you.

Live listening made better

Maybe dampening the noise around you will do it. Or perhaps you want to amplify the voice of a soft-spoken friend in a loud restaurant. Hearphones allow you to customize the sound around you for the best experience.


Turn down the noise for everything except what’s in front of you.


When it’s loud, tune in to who you want to hear.


When you prefer a different volume than others when watching TV together.


Live performance or streamed—you control the sound.


Our Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology, also found in QuietControl 30 headphones, is key to taking the edge off a noisy world. Well, that plus two directional microphones in each earbud to help you focus on the voices you want to hear—and filter out the noises you don’t. All so you can comfortably hear every word. And with other special controls built in, listening to music or other content on a smartphone is made better, too.

And they’re wireless, too

Bose Hearphones are engineered with Bluetoothand NFC pairing, so connecting to your devices wirelessly is quick and easy. A 5-button inline remote lets you take/end calls, skip/pause tracks and control volume of your streamed content without reaching for your device. You can also initiate voice commands like Siri or your Google Assistant via the multi-function button. The buttons on the side of the remote control World Volume and microphone Directivity.

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Secure, comfortable fit

Getting the right fit for your Bose Hearphones is important to the product’s performance. So StayHear+ tips come in three sizes (S, M, L) so you can ensure a comfortable experience. They fit securely in your ear and also form a gentle seal for additional passive noise reduction.

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Music shines, too

If you’re choosing premium headphones, you expect premium sound. Bose Hearphones deliver, highlighting the nuances of your music in clear, crisp fashion. And volume-dependent EQ complements the World Volume setting to provide better sounding music at any level.

Learn more about Hearphones

Ready to hear the world on your terms? Find one of our select stores to experience Bose Hearphones. Or sign up for email updates and we’ll send you the latest news.


Dimensions/weight without the cable

  • Headphones:6" H x 6.5" W x 0.75" D (2.25 oz)

  • Case:6.5" H x 6.75" W x 1.4" D

  • USB cable:12"

Additional details

  • Bluetooth range: 33 ft (10 m)

  • Battery charging time: Less than 3 hours

  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours per full charge on average


  • Hearphones conversation-enhancing headphones

  • Carrying case

  • 3 sizes of StayHear+ tips: S, M, L

  • USB charging cable

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