2017 double camera phone list: will iPhoneX be the No 1

- Nov 27, 2017-

iPhone X

Price and camera parameters: 8388 yuan, front 7 million pixels, support for face recognition, F2.2 aperture, with depth of field recognition. Rear 12 MP wide-angle lens (F / 1.8 aperture) +12 MPixel telephoto lens support for bokeh, dual-lens optical zoom and optical image stabilization, and equipped with 4 LED flash, even in low light environments Take a clear picture.


Samsung Note8

Price and camera parameters: 6988 yuan, but now the price should have diving. Samsung Note8 Samsung is the first flagship aircraft equipped with dual camera, front 8 million pixels, rear and iPhoneX the same, Note8 dual 12 million pixel camera with wide-angle + telephoto mode, wide-angle f / 1.7 aperture, telephoto f /2.4. Supports 2x optical zoom, bokeh and dual optical image stabilization (OIS).


Nubian Z11S

Price and photo parameters: 2999 yuan, Nubian double front and rear lenses, front dual 5-megapixel dual-color lens, but with a large aperture and bokeh features. Rear is equipped with 23 million pixels +24 million light and focus unit (2x12 million pixels) consisting of color dual camera portfolio, with F / 1.8 aperture, 1.4μm large pixel, supports 2x optical zoom.



Price and camera parameters: the price of 2999 yuan and the same as the Nubian Z11S, R11S rear equipped with 16 million +2000 million dual camera, and two dual cameras are the main lens, with a large aperture of 2.0μm and F / 1.7 large aperture. Front equipped with 20 million camera, support AI beauty, so the user is mainly female.


Huawei Mate10

Price and camera parameters: 3899 yuan, Huawei Mate10 front equipped with 800W pixels, compared with R11S Selfie does not have any advantage, the rear is using 2000W +1200 W black and white plus color dual camera design, this lens design and Compared to the previous generation has not changed.


The above is the flagship camera brand ranking, how do you think?

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