52% of users are satisfied with iPhone X battery life ,how about you?

- Dec 01, 2017-

iPhone X is Apple's latest flagship mobile phone, in addition to Face ID and wireless charging highlights, the phone's battery life is also one aspect of the user is very concerned about. Apple introduced the iPhone X when it was claimed that the phone's battery life longer than the iPhone 7 two hours.

iphone X.jpg

Gautam Prabhu, editor of foreign media iPhoneHacks, wrote today that he had been using iPhone 7 Plus before upgrading iPhone X. He noticed that the battery life of the former was really better. He still uses the iPhone X some day after the remaining power, while the iPhone 7 Plus needs to be recharged to meet his day's needs.

Previously, iPhone X dismantling has confirmed that this phone with a capacity of 2716 mAh battery, this capacity is higher than the iPhone 8 1821 mAh and iPhone 8 Plus 2675 mAh. Some users are concerned that iPhone X's OLED screens and features like Face ID will consume more power, but high-capacity batteries and more efficient A11 bionic processors seem to help improve battery life.

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Depending on the user's level of use, iPhone X's battery life will vary. As shown above, foreign media Arstechnica found that in the same run iOS 11 under the premise of iPhone X and iPhone 7 battery life almost.

In addition, according to opinion polls conducted by iPhoneHacks, 52.3% of users are satisfied with the battery life of the iPhone X, and 32.18% of users are satisfied with the battery life of the phone. However, they think the iPhone X The battery life should be higher. The remaining 15.52% of users said they were disappointed with the iPhone X's battery life.

So how do you think?are you fine with the battery?

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