80% of America's 00 Teens are iphone users

- Apr 16, 2018-

According to foreign media reports, recently, Ripple Company's Interledger API protocol was introduced by Apple, in the future or will be used for the development of Apple Pay. Apple recently confirmed the collaboration, saying the API will be used in safari browsers on MacOS and iOS 11.3.

Apple will use the Interledger technology developed by Ripple company in the future. Apple as a global technology giant, although has a lot of hardware resources, but in the promotion of Apple Pay, appears powerless. In the face of such a huge market, Apple has a lot of trouble accessing Apple Pay, and it is a big criticism of Apple Pay that it can't support multiple payment methods.

The introduction of the Interledger protocol, can better solve the problem caused by the incompatibility of payment network, through the open nature of the architecture, allowing the payment system to interact and communicate with each other to solve the problem of digital asset interaction. As a start-up, Ripple has been working to bridge the gap between the digital money industry and financial institutions, and to improve existing payment efficiencies through block-chain technology.

Working with Apple may boost Ripple's future development. Android already accounts for 39.49% of the world's operating system, with more than 36.62% of Windows first, according to StatCounter data.

But even so, a statistic for young Americans shows that their loyalty and goodwill towards the iphone remains alarmingly high.

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