9 Tips to Make Your iPhone operate Faster

- Mar 19, 2018-

1, empty the Safari cache

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Frequently using Safari to browse the web for a long time will generate a lot of cached data. You need to clear Safari's cache to keep it running smoothly. To perform this operation, you need to go to [Settings] - [Safari], then click "Clear History" and "Clear Cookies and Data."

2, turn off the automatic update automatically download

If your iPhone is stuck while it is in use, it may be because it is trying to apply an upgrade in the background, which can be performed manually. To change the settings of the auto-upgrade application, you need to go to [Settings] - [iTunes Store and App Store] to automatically download the items and close them all.

3, delete the old useless photos and videos

Removing unnecessary files is one of the main ways to speed up the speed of your phone. If your iPhone stores hundreds of thousands of photos and a lot of videos, you can back them up to your computer or iCloud and delete them on your phone. After all, the mobile phone's memory space is limited. For the collection of photos, the phone is really not a good place.

4, delete the application that takes up a lot of space

The more bloated your iPhone is, the slower it will be. You can check the space usage of each application in Settings - General - Usage, and then delete applications that are large but not necessary. A large number of "zombie" applications exist on mobile phones, which will only drag down the operating speed of the mobile phones. It would be better to delete them instead of letting them take up a lot of space.

5, delete the old SMS conversation

A large amount of text messages is also one of the reasons for dragging and dropping the speed of mobile phones. Sometimes there are more messages. When you open an information application, you need to wait for a while to enter. If you can't figure out why your phone is changing, try deleting those meaningless spam messages on your phone.

6, turn off the background of unnecessary applications

Frequent closing "background" will only speed up the iPhone's power consumption, but for some applications that are not usually used, you can simply double-click the home button to close it, leaving only the commonly used. Applications such as positioning navigation and music are resident in memory and are best off when not in use.

7, do not open the automatic mode can manually perform the operation

Your iPhone will often ask you if you want to join a nearby Wi-Fi network? If so, you should probably turn this feature off. Because when your iPhone is doing any automatic operations, such as searching for nearby Wi-Fi or upgrading applications, it will slow down. To turn this feature off, you need to go to [Settings] - [Wireless LAN] - [Ask whether to join the network] and close it.

8, regular restart the phone

When using the iPhone, most users will always be on, but it is necessary to restart the phone regularly. Turning off the phone can help the iPhone get rid of things that have been occupying system resources.

9, upgrade recovery system

The ultimate solution: Brush recovery system, to restore the system to the state just shipped. If you jailbreak you don't know why there is either a very necessary suggestion or don't jailbreak. After jailbreak, installing a few plugins will have a lot of cards.

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