90% of the person's charging method is unsuitable

- Feb 01, 2018-

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Charge the phone to the phone, but you don't have to do it right

1.The new cell phone does not need to be charged for a long time

2.Don't wait until the phone doesn't have electricity and then flushing it

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The correct way of charging is as follows:

1, if you want to make the cell phone battery life most, then make sure that the cell phone battery is between 45%-75%, and if there is a condition, you can fill it with the battery.

2, it is best not to allow the phone to charge overnight. Because the electricity will automatically break off after it is full, and it will not continue to overcharge it. We cannot guarantee that the characteristics of battery charging and discharging protection circuits will never change and the quality is guaranteed. So your battery will linger on the dangerous edge for a long time.

3, every mobile phone has a low battery remind if there is no proof that you were the replacement of less than 20%, you need to be careful, if you continue to harm to power off the mobile phone battery is the largest.

4, mobile phone charging is best not to play, this is not to say there is no scientific basis can play while charging, but still consider you for a day, holding a mobile phone always need to find a time to take a break.

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