98% bad iphone charger cause problem

- Dec 13, 2017-

IDropNews according to foreign media reports, from the UK a commitment to promote the safe use of electricity, "said advocate electrical safety first" organization before as many as 98% copycat version or similar iPhone charger allows the user to face the risk of potentially fatal electric shock or fire.

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In order to reach their conclusion, the organization used 50 counterfeit iPhone chargers for a series of tests, most of which were obtained in the UK. Martin Alan, the organization's technical director, said that of the 50 iPhone chargers, 49 had not passed basic security checks.

The following are the findings of the researchers:

1., these chargers carry out a series of electrical and mechanical tests, including an electric intensity test. It shows that more than 50% of the chargers will generate serious risk of electric shock when they are in use.

2., in addition, the researchers pointed out that 49 of the 50 chargers tested did not pass multiple tests, and 1/3 of the chargers did not even pass any single test.

3., the internal inspection of the charger shows that 68% of the products are manufactured using "internal parts which are not up to standard", or are caused by a serious risk of electric shock due to their lack of adequate insulation.

4., finally, 0 of the 15 chargers that passed electrical tests continued to pass the "plug strength test", which revealed that the fake charger could also be "disconnected" directly on the wall socket.

According to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, 99% of fake Apple charger are lack of enough insulation materials to prevent damage or potential fatal electric shocks.

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