Admire iphone ! New iPad will soon use the OLED full screen

- Oct 09, 2017-

Iphone in the fall of the new conference officially launched a full screen design of the iPhone X, accompanied by the second half of the overall increase in flagship flagship, intelligent machine market ushered in a comprehensive screen era. As a technology leader in the industry, Apple not only in the overall screen to spend a lot of energy, the future will be a comprehensive screen to a new generation of iPad.


According to the latest news from Taiwan's supply chain, after the launch of iPhone X, Apple plans to draw a comprehensive screen design to the iPad. According to the industry chain sources said that if the research and development smoothly, the fastest next year we will be able to see the full use of Q3 full screen of the new iPad. But a new generation of iPad will use 3D face recognition function, or wait for the next screen fingerprint recognition technology is mature, can not jump to the conclusion.

2017 is the first year of the full-screen outbreak, especially in the second half has come back since the advent of a variety of full-screen flagship, such as Samsung Note8, iPhone X, millet MIX 2 and vivo X20 and so on. And the Apple iPad on the use of a comprehensive plan is a new attempt, we may wish to wait for the final results of Apple.

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