Also go to the cinema to watch movies? With it can save movie tickets

- Apr 27, 2018-

In order to get a great video experience, many people like to go to the cinema to watch movies. However, there are many restrictions on watching movies at the cinema. In contrast, watching movies at home is more free. As technology continues to advance, people are becoming accustomed to using mobile phones for various entertainment activities. With the popularity of live broadcasts, video sites, and the gradual drop in the price of traffic, the use of mobile phones to watch videos has gradually become a trend. However, the screen quality of mobile phones is uneven, and how to select a mobile phone that is particularly cool for video has become a problem for many people.

索尼Xperia XZ2

Perhaps you can think about Sony's latest Xperia XZ2. Thanks to Sony's years of accumulation in the graphics field, the Sony XZ2's screen has many bright spots, such as the new generation of X-Reality technology is one of them, it can be the image of the painting The quality is improved from SDR to HDR level, and the picture is more colorful. It can be said that using the Sony XZ2 to watch videos is like holding a small Sony BRAVIA TV in the palm of your hand for a pleasing visual experience.


In addition, Sony XZ2 also has a dual-speaker design, built-S-Force front surround sound technology, watching the video may obviously feel the "surrounding feeling", with the Sony XZ2, you can see at home large.

Having a wonderful audio-visual experience is not enough to experience all the advantages of the Sony XZ2. This year, Sony will also introduce the experience into the "tactile dimension." When watching a large movie, the mobile phone can follow the music rhythm and vibration, so that you fully immerse yourself in it. This kind of full-scale experience will surely be inseparable after you use it.

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