Andrews 9.0 new features exposure: support for native iris recognition

- Mar 05, 2018-

Recently, Google announced that it will hold a new I / Q 2018 Developer Conference in the United States from May 7 to May 10, when it will release a new generation of Android P system. If not unexpectedly, the system will be named Android 9.0. According to the latest online news, some developers have found code that Google submitted to AOSP open source project. Google is working on integrating iris recognition technology into Android, which is expected to be implemented on Android 9.0.


According to the code released by the developer, Google plans to enable Android native systems to support iris recognition via the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) interface and be invoked by third-party applications. It is understood that currently on the market support iris recognition phone is not much, if you can get Andrews native system support, presumably to attract more manufacturers and equipment, especially in the next screen fingerprinting and face recognition technology is not mature enough now, with Iris recognition of mobile phones may allow users to experience the use of improved.


It is worth mentioning that, Android 9.0 or will support the Global Night mode and has Always-on-display (screen often), the system will also support the background APP to prohibit privately called microphones, cameras and other privileges interfere with privacy, and Liu Haiping Optimized to join the native call recording and other functions.

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