Android mobile phone battery maintenance, you know what time?

- Jun 28, 2017-

Maintenance method

1. battery factory, manufacturers have been activated, and the pre charge, so the battery has power more than a friend said, according to the adjustment period of battery charging time, standby battery is still serious problem, assuming genuine battery, this case should extend the period of adjustment into 3~5 complete charge and discharge.

2., if the new mobile phone battery is lithium-ion, then the previous 3~5 charging is generally called the adjustment period, should be charged more than 14 hours, in order to protect * * * fully activated lithium ion activity. Lithium ion batteries have no memory effect, but they are very strong. They should be fully activated before they can be used in order to achieve the best performance.

3., some automated smart fast charger, when the indicator lights change, only means that full of 90%. The charger will change automatically and recharge the battery with slow charge. It is better to use the battery fully, otherwise it will shorten the use time.

4. before charging, the lithium battery does not need special discharge, the discharge is improper, but it will damage the battery. Charge as much as possible to slow charge, reduce the fast charge method; do not exceed 24 hours. After three or five cycles of full charge and discharge, the internal chemical substance of the battery will be fully activated to achieve the best use.

5., please use the original or reputable brand charger, lithium battery should use lithium battery charger, and comply with instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery, and even dangerous.

6. there are many users often when charging the mobile phone open, so it can easily damage the life of the mobile phone, because in the process of charging circuit board, the mobile phone will have a fever, at this time if there are calls, may produce instant return current, parts of mobile phone internal damage

7. the battery life depends on the number of repeated charge and discharge, so we should try to avoid the battery more than electricity charging, which will shorten the life of the battery. When the phone is off for more than 7 days, you should completely discharge the battery of the mobile phone and use it after you have enough electricity.

8., mobile phone batteries are self discharge, when not required, NiMH batteries will be discharged by about 1% of the remaining capacity every day, and lithium batteries will be discharged by 0.2%~0.3% every day. When charging the battery, try to use a dedicated socket, not the charger and TV and other household appliances common socket.

9. do not expose the battery in hot or cold, like the dog, should not put the mobile phone in the car, under a scorching sun; or get air-conditioned room, put straight blowing somewhere in the cold. When charging, the battery has a little heat is normal, but it can not withstand high temperature "suffering". To avoid this, it is best to charge at room temperature, and not in the mobile phone cover anything.

10., lithium-ion battery must use special charger, otherwise it may not reach saturation state, affect its function display. After charging, the charger should be placed on the charger for more than 12 hours. When the battery is not used for a long time, the battery and the mobile phone should be separated.

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