Apple cancel to sale the large capacity iPhone7

- Oct 25, 2017-


Do not know whether it is to pave the way for iPhone 8 sales, Apple iPhone 7 product line has been adjusted in last year's mobile phone model, 256GB is the largest flash memory capacity models, but this model was quietly stopped selling Apple, in addition to 32GB, 128GB , The user if you need 256GB flash memory capacity, you can only buy iPhone 8.

In fact, from September 12, Apple has made a stop selling 256GB iPhone 7 series version of the decision, the latest exposure of the internal documents show that this is to allow users to buy upgrades limited iPhone 8. In addition, there are media that Apple is often in the new iPhone after the release, by adjusting the product catalog to promote the user's upgrade, improve the sale of new high-priced products, so the sale of large-capacity version of the iPhone 7 is also reasonable things.

However, consumers still have other ways to buy 256GB of iPhone 7, that is, through the mobile operator channel, but only to buy one less one. At present, the carrier Verizon is still selling 256GB version of the iPhone 7, priced at $ 749.99, as a comparison, 256GB version of the iPhone 8 price of up to $ 849.99, expensive out of $ 100.

iPhone 8 sales have become a well-established fact, according to the previous Taiwan industrial chain gives the news, Apple cut iPhone 8 almost half of the production, to produce iPhone X. At present, some electricity providers platform to send the iPhone 8,8 Plus licensed prices, the cheapest has fallen to 4,999 yuan and 6288 yuan, compared to the original Apple official pricing, at least 800 yuan and 400 yuan cheaper.

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