Apple iOS11.2 official version update summary

- Dec 05, 2017-

The following is a detailed update of this major version of the update log:

iOS 11.2 New Apple Pay Cash, through PayPal, pay and collect money between friends and family. This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

Apple Pay Cash (U.S. only)

In "Information" or let Siri through Apple Pay in the payment between friends and relatives, payment and collection

Other improvements and fixes

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X can be wirelessly charged with compatible third-party accessories

iPhone X added three live wallpaper

Improve the stability of the camera

Application and function with a new Chinese name

Podcasts support autoplay of the next episode of the same show

HealthKit supports alpine skiing distance from this data type

Fixed an issue that may cause Mail to still be checking for new mail after the download is complete

Fixed an issue that could cause Mail notifications for Exchange accounts to be redisplayed after purging

Improve the stability of the calendar

Resolved an issue where a blank screen might appear while setting up Settings

Fixed an issue that may not slide from the lock screen to the Today view or Camera

Resolved an issue where the lock screen might not show "music" controls

Fixed an issue that could cause the app icons in the home screen to be misaligned

Resolved issue where user may not be able to delete recent photos after iCloud storage is full

Resolved an issue where Find My iPhone occasionally failed to display the map

Fixed an issue where the keyboard in Messaging might block up-to-date information

Fixed an issue that could result in incorrect calculations if you quickly type numbers in Calculator

Solved the keyboard may respond slowly

Support real-time text (RTT) calls designed for hearing impaired people

Improve narration's stability in Messaging, Settings, App Store, and Music

Solve the "narration" can not read the receipt of "notice" problem

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