Apple issued the second public beta of iOS 12

- Jul 07, 2018-

The specific version of iOS 12 beta Beta 2 is 12.0 (16A5318d), and its update content is consistent with the iOS 12 developer preview beta 3 released the day before. The biggest change is the map function. The San Francisco Bay Area has ushered in a new map support. Improved real-time road conditions, architectural displays, etc. Terrain and other details have also been optimized. Currently, the new map is limited to the San Francisco area, and this range will gradually expand in the future.

IOS beta12.jpg

In addition, Apple also allows users to clear all notifications to have new animation effects, in addition, the voice memo interface in the iPad has also been updated. The "Share my location" feature was moved from the original privacy to the Apple ID. In addition, the tactile feedback of the Home button has been fine-tuned.

Update method

1. iTunes upgrade: Download the firmware, open the latest version of iTunes on the desktop, press "Shift+Update" at the same time, select the firmware to be brushed in, and the following action will be handed over to Apple.

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