Apple Mac Will Self research processor, run iphone Apps

- Apr 03, 2018-

The iphone, IPad, and Mac are now Apple's troika, and in order to get them closer, according to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to collaborate in depth on software and hardware, preparing an internal code-marzipan platform that allows users to run iphones and IPad apps on Macs, Even the replacement of the MAC processor has been put on the agenda.


Apple's big plan, Kalamata, will be implemented in 2020, and future Macs will discard Intel processors, all developed by Apple itself, so that Macs can be as unaffected by third-party vendors as the A-series bionic processor on the iphone, Update the new product at your own pace. This is not a matter of Apple's research and development prowess.

苹果Mac将自研处理器 运行iPhone应用

Apple used IBM's power CPU earlier, but as IBM exited the PC, Apple switched to the Intel processor. Capital is profit-driven, and now that the Intel processor is being discarded, Apple is confident that it will reduce the cost of its own processor significantly and achieve the same performance as the competing product. In this way, the CPU is different, no comparison will not hurt, but also to eliminate the black Apple (ordinary computer loaded into the MacOS system) of the production, is simply witty.

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