Apple mobile phone shell partner to disclose iPhone 8 phone cases cover

- Aug 24, 2017-


Two foreign mobile phone accessories manufacturers Yesgo and Olixar have made iPhone 8 mobile phone shell samples, and is known as "the most close to the real machine with" iPhone 8 machine model matching, basic, seamless.


A variety of mobile phone shell of the two are too heavy to design the package design, like the rumors that the iPhone 8 package, full screen and protected, the bottom is still two speaker holes and a lightning interface, the side of the power button, volume keys were wrapped up; the key back: vertical double lens, no other hole that, at the bottom of the screen to the fingerprint identification.


In addition to these two favorite thick plastic shell, as well as a Red Leather Flip shell, mobile phone shell also shows these characteristics.

Why manufacturers do mobile covers so earlier?

Looking for iPhone 8 accurate appearance and size, not only enthusiastic users, as well as related industry chain.

Mobile phone shell is small, but it is a big business, Apple will give some parts manufacturers, some data allow them to start early, but will sign strict confidentiality agreements. There is no more such treatment plant parts, if you can get a new iPhone precise size early start, means that their products can be earlier than other parts supplier listed (even simultaneously with the iPhone 8, which will cause the initiative) to parts manufacturers. Who can only get real after the mold manufacturing, at least a few weeks to see by the user.

So rumors flowing out of the factory have become the most valuable information, the formation of an exposure of the industrial chain.

The current iPhone 8 machine model according to the rumors and the factory set aside CAD drawings to build credibility, should have been very high, all the information to full screen and vertical double lens etc..

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