Apple new iPhone running score

- Jul 03, 2018-

From the parameters displayed by Geekbench 4, this device runs iOS 12 system, equipped with a 2.09GHz six-core processor, built-in 4GB memory, and the model is iPhone11, 2, according to this situation, this is an iPhone.

new iphone.jpg

As for the running points, this model of the iPhone 11, 2, single-core score is 4673, and the multi-core score is 10912, see this performance is basically the same as the iPhone X's A11 performance, so the former should be equipped with A11 processor.

iphone score.jpg

If this is the new iPhone X, it seems that it is not suitable. After all, it is not an A11 processor, and the 6.1-inch cheap version of the iPhone X is not suitable. After all, the built-in 4GB memory, maybe it will be Apple's new iPad?

What kind of device do you think this is?

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