Apple Pushes iOS 11.2 First Test Version

- Oct 31, 2017-

Apple's push update on iOS 11 is so fast that some developers marvel at it. Today, apple suddenly released the first test version of iOS 11.2. And this test version is still to repair Bug based, in addition to enhance the endurance time. It is worth mentioning that, iOS 11.2 joined the HomePod linkage, developers can develop more applications.

iOS 11.2更新截图

What's interesting is that Apple added the Chinese version in this edition of the system, so that people read more convenient, after the name of the Chinese version is indeed very apple style.


Apple is paying more and more attention China market, this is good news for the Chinese people, of course, China's consumption level has never let Apple disappointed, only in 27 of the iPhone X on sale can be seen on the one or two, turned out to grab iPhone, this event to allow other companies envy. I don't know if you remember a word, that is, you can go beyond iPhone, only iPhone, it seems that apple is still not on the altar.

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