Apple Super Loop: Selling 350 Million iPhones in a Year

- Jun 07, 2018-

His argument is that many current iPhone users did not choose to upgrade when they launched a new machine last year, because the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are not innovative enough compared to their predecessors, and the price of iPhone X is for many people. Too high. But this year Apple is expected to bring the iPhone X design back to the traditional $700-800 price level, so this device may attract consumers who are more price-sensitive. For consumers who are “not bad” consumers have the same choice, Apple may launch the iPhone X Plus device this year, the screen size of this device will be larger than the iPhone X, the price is relatively high.


The iPhone X launched last year by Apple did have a certain degree of success. They also hope to continue this momentum and continue the design of the iPhone X, but give it a price that is more affordable to most consumers. This must allow many consumers to upgrade their devices.

annual iphone sales.jpg

Ives believes that China will be one of Apple's largest markets. At present, China has about 100 million iPhones. In the next 18 months, 60 to 70 million Chinese consumers will have their iPhones replaced in a single month.

In fact, this analyst's prediction is not surprising. If Apple's iPhone sales in one year are not outstanding, then in the next year, analysts will definitely think that iPhone sales will rebound quickly because there will be a large number of consumers who will choose to upgrade their equipment within the next year.

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