Apple updated MFi certification, everyone should pay attention when buying accessories

- Mar 13, 2018-

Often when we purchase accessories for Apple devices, in addition to the original launch, most users will look for MFi-certified accessories at the time of purchase. Only after Apple's MFi certification will the quality and quality of the products produced by the accessory manufacturers. Approved by Apple. If you do not pass the MFi certification, inserting the accessory into most IOS devices will alert the product that it is not certified and cannot be used normally.

iPhone X

According to foreign media ChargerLab reports, Apple recently updated the logo for MFi. The new logo omits the three black silhouettes of the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, and has been replaced with the Apple logo. Perhaps the design changes of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod have changed greatly. It is no longer the design presented in the silhouette. , and the future may continue to change, so Apple's direct logo is a good choice.


In addition, the ordering of Apple products has also been changed. The previous three products (iPod, iPhone, and iPad) were all in chronological order. However, since the iPod has become a marginal product, the iPhone has occupied the major sales of the Apple ecosystem. So Apple changed the order to iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It may be that the MFi-certified logo may not see the iPod in a while. Finally, when you buy MFi-certified accessories, you need to pay attention to identifying the new logo to avoid buying old or counterfeit products.

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