Apple wants to add waterproof measures for the new lightning interface

- Mar 12, 2018-

Now the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new Apple patent, and they are developing the next generation of Lightning connectors that will support waterproof seals.

Apple is now strengthening the waterproof capabilities of its equipment, starting with the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch, for example, they have added waterproof seal rings to the equipment to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged by water, and now a new patent shows that Lightning cable Some will also add waterproof measures.

iphone sketch1.jpg

iphone sketch2.jpg

iphone sketch3.jpg

iphone sketch4.jpg

Previously it was rumored that Apple intends to use the USB-C interface on the iPhone. Now that this possibility is basically 0, of course, they now put some interest in wireless charging.

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