Apple Watch sells more than all opponents

- Mar 12, 2018-

According to IDC, Apple Watch accounted for 61% of global smart watch shipments in the last quarter. No other competitor can match this, Samsung's market share is only 8.4%.

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From a whole year's perspective, Apple Watch shipped 17.7 million units in 2017, which is more than the sum of all smart watches last year. Samsung, Garmin, Fossil, Continental Wireless and other manufacturers also shipped only 15.6 million units. IDC senior analyst Jitesh Ubrani said: "Consumer's preference has shifted to more professional equipment and began to make brand choices." It is for this reason that the average sales price of the wearable device market has appeared since 2016. Two-digit growth.



However, Apple did not break sales of Apple Watch in its financial reports like the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Instead, it includes the Apple Watch with Apple TV, AirPods, Beats, iPods, and HomePods in the "Other Products" category.

In a conference call last month, Cooke said that Apple Watch hit a record high sales volume in the fourth quarter of 2017, revenue and sales volume increased by more than 50%, and S3’s sales volume was more than twice that of the S2 model of the same period last year. .

Apple Watch shipments exceeded all Swiss watch brands for the first time in the previous quarter. In other words, Apple is now the world’s largest watch manufacturer.

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