Apple will introduce Ripple technology to drive payment system development

- Apr 12, 2018-

April 11 News, according to foreign media Coinspeaker reported that Apple will introduce its own Apple Pay from the "ripple" Interledger API protocol.


It is understood that the payment system has been struggling with the lack of support for multiple payment methods since Apple Pay. The "Interledger API" protocol has the ability to support multiple browsers, providing Apple with a standard API to augment the payment business. In simple terms, Interledger is an open source agreement designed to connect the payment of different registered addresses. In addition, the agreement includes a series of criteria applied to any payment method, namely address, double factor authentication and signature. Typically, when a support network is experiencing problems, it can be optimized through Interledge, which also has links to different value-type transfer systems, supports payments between different digital assets, and reduces many error risks.

Ripple is seeking cooperation with global financial institutions, but this time with Apple, perhaps ripple is expected to usher in a new turnaround, according to a previous online report.

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