August Suning mobile phone offline report released

- Sep 10, 2018-

The first is the brand ranking TOP10. The data shows that Huawei (excluding huawei honor) is still in the first place. In August, it won 28.1%, followed by OPPO and vivo, accounting for 13.3% and 12.6% respectively. Huawei, OPPO The total number of brands with vivo has reached 54%. Apple, millet, and glory are ranked 4-6, accounting for about 10%.

In the hot-selling mobile phone single product TOP10, domestic mobile phone products accounted for 8 seats, and 818 fever shopping festival domestic mobile phones ushered in a concentrated outbreak period. As the iPhone X cut prices again this month, it became the champion of mobile phone sales in Suning stores in August. It is speculated that the price drop is the main reason for Phone X's overtaking.

Huawei P20 ranked second, becoming the highest-selling domestic mobile phone last month, while Huawei's nova3 and nova3i are also the two fastest-growing mobile phone products.

Specific to different price segments, in the mobile phone products below 2,000 yuan, although Huawei's overall brand sales still ranked first, but the red rice S2 in this price segment, with Suning Tesco and Xiaomi exclusive customization The product is also the champion of the single product that has won less than 2,000 yuan for 4 consecutive months. In addition to the iPhone X and iPhone8P, the Samsung S9+ has also successfully ranked among the top three.

In terms of regional distribution, Huawei's share in North China exceeded 30%, OPPO's share in North China reached 15.5%, and the share of vivo in North China was the highest compared to other regions, while Huawei, OPPO and vivo were throughout. The TOP3 brand in the offline market is enough to prove that the offline smart phone consumer market in North China is the hottest, and North China users are more accustomed to buying mobile phones offline.

Overall, the current domestic mobile phone market competition is still fierce, and several major domestic mobile phone brands occupy most of the market share. However, in the high-end market, domestic mobile phones still lack the model to compete with Apple Samsung. This month, Apple will launch this year's new iPhone, and at the same time, each major has released a number of new machines this month, what changes will be brought to the domestic mobile phone market? We will wait and see.

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