Battery maintenance is very important

- Jan 04, 2018-

1. Keep away from extreme temperatures

Judging from the Apple official website data, iPhone best operating temperature is between 16 ° and 22 °, if it is in extremely cold environment, battery life will be reduced, but as long as restored to normal temperature, The battery will also recover; however, if it is operated or even charged in an extremely hot environment, the battery will be irreparably damaged

Remove the protective case when charging original silicon case

When the iPhone is placed in some style inside the protective shell charging together, then the phone itself will have excessive heat, thus affecting the battery capacity, so when you find the mobile phone charging heat, the shell should be promptly removed, so that the iPhone Good heat dissipation.

3. Long-term storage, the phone battery should be maintained at about 50%

If your iPhone does not need to be used for long-term storage, the phone battery should be maintained at about 50% level; if the battery is completely depleted state exists, the battery will fall into a deep discharge state, may cause repeated Can not be charged; if it is fully charged storage, may lose part of the battery capacity, affecting the battery life, it is recommended to check out in 6 months to ensure that the battery capacity remained at 50%

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