Buy mobile phones need to see, do you know these overlord terms?

- Mar 16, 2018-

Yesterday was the once-a-year 315 International Consumer Rights Day. Many topics related to consumer rights once again detonated. According to CCTV news reports, this year's report on the work of the two governments in the two sessions clearly stated that “all kinds of violations of consumer rights and behaviors must be punished in accordance with the law and never be tolerated.” What exactly is the “infringement of consumer rights” behavior? The "Overlord Clause" phenomenon is not uncommon. As a consumer, you need to be familiar with these "Overlord Terms" and you can complain when you encounter it! Especially when it comes to purchasing and repairing electronic products such as mobile phones, it is a lot of unlawful "overlord terms" that are hidden in depth.

买手机要看准 你可知道这些“霸王条款”?

What are the “overlord terms” that smart phone consumers should keep in mind? According to reports, for example, "the warranty sticker on the mobile phone must not be torn or damaged, otherwise it is not warranted", "maintenance available refurbished parts, the ownership of old parts is determined by the repairer", "maintenance caused damage, only compensation for consumer maintenance costs" , "Overdue machine not taken as a consumer to abandon ownership," "This shop can limit the scope of repairer's own responsibility."

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