Cell phone battery is not durable? see your bad

- Dec 27, 2017-

Use of low quality charging lines and chargers

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The original charging line is expensive. Especially for the students who choose apple products, 200+ charging is obviously not cost-effective, so some three party charging devices will become the first choice.

But in the purchase of these products must pay attention to its quality, resolutely resist three non products. Many of the mobile phones that had been charged on the Internet previously exploded because they did not use the original equipment.


We also need to pay attention to a "derivative" device - rechargeable treasure. For mobile phone users is the drag aid package, but no charge treasure is also a "time bomb", the core problem is not stable and unstable electric charge current can easily lead to accidents.


2 charging at high temperature, low temperature, or humid environment

It is now in November, the temperature drops rapidly, the winter is coming, and the mobile phone will enter the "irregular dormancy" stage.

Because of low temperature, mobile phone is very easy to speed up power consumption, automatic shutdown and other problems, which brings inconvenience to the user's normal use. In the same way, be careful to keep the cell phone away from the heat source or the low temperature environment.

Of course, many phones now have IP67 or even IP68 dust-proof and waterproof level. Therefore, if the mobile phone has touched the liquid before, it is necessary to make sure that the port has been dry before the charge and avoid short circuit.

In addition, in order to avoid accidents as much as possible, cell phones should be placed in areas far away from flammable and explosive materials when charging, especially when part of the cell phone is charging.

3 try not to use a cell phone while charging

In charging process, the charging current is generally higher than the current that the mobile phone can provide, so in fact, it consumes charge rather than battery, but it will reduce the charging efficiency and prolong the charging time.

In addition, the long time and severe use of smart phones during the charging process will be more prone to fever. It is easy to cause damage to smart phones with compact internal space and complex components.

Therefore, it is recommended to collect emergency information and check tips when charging, but play games, watch videos, take pictures and phone calls, etc., or wait until the charge is done, or will disconnect the power directly.

4 depletion of electricity in charge

In order to reduce the number of charges, some users will choose in the dry battery charging, apparently lost in the other extreme, also will damage the battery life, so in the following 10% battery charging can be timely. In addition, if you must stick to the automatic shutdown, then... What would you do when someone contacted you? For a small battery that turns red, it's enough to be crazy!

The low power of the cell phone should be recharged in time to avoid excessive discharge of the battery so as to avoid damage to the battery.

5 long time charging

Now that the mobile phone charger circuit and has automatic power-off protection mechanism, in full power, so when you go to bed at night has been let mobile phone charging is good, just second days will be able to "resurrect"! This is a lot of users take charge strategy, go before the mobile phone connected to the power supply to charge.

But it should be reminded that this is not a complete strategy. If the cell phone is still connected and open message push, then a new round of electricity consumption will be opened after the full power failure of the cell phone. Then the cell phone battery may enter frequent charging and discharging cycles.

6 unused for a long time

When determining the equipment may be idle for a long time, it is necessary to charge the battery and check whether there is electricity. If the battery is too low, it should be charged in time, and then continue to eat ash.

Long term battery automatic discharge, which may eventually cause permanent damage to the battery, can not continue to charge, that is, "the battery starved to death".

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