Cell phone battery maintenance you must know five things

- Jan 04, 2018-

Different cell phone charging parameters will be different, the original charger is designed for you to develop this phone, charging speed and security are also guaranteed.

Avoid overcharging

Many people charge the phone to a cell phone regardless of the plug, even if the phone is too full to bother to pull. This will make the battery has been in full power to speed up the battery loss. .

charge phone while playing it

While using the mobile phone while charging the battery will be in charge and discharge at the same time, making the battery has been working in the load, the pressure of the health of the battery will naturally decline. And charging while playing mobile phone is very dangerous Oh!

New battery need to activate? wrong!

Someone will always say that a new phone needs to run out of battery power and recharge for 12 hours to activate the battery and make it more durable. In fact, this is the practice of the old battery, and now all are using lithium batteries, do not need to do so, when you want to charge when charging.

Pay attention to the charging environment temperature

In the low temperature environment, the lithium battery low temperature protection mechanism will make the charging speed slow down, or the battery does not work; in high temperature environment, the lithium battery will be unstable, or even cause an explosion, I suggest that you do not put the phone in the summer Car and other high temperature charging environment.

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