charging mobile all night is not good

- Dec 15, 2017-

charging cable.jpg

A long time charging will make the electric head temperature high, with many of the phones supplier now support high current / voltage (exchange) fast charge, fast charge technical indicators are QC3.0 \ VOOC \ DASH \, these motionless On 12V3A, or 5V3A or 5V4A, charging head will produce higher heat.

.charging cable.jpg

Second: When the voltage is higher than the standby state, the probability of a fire or explosion increases.

Third: the state of charge of mobile phones compared with the normal state of the phone, radiation up to 50 times. Harm to the human head can not be estimated, can cause functional disorders of the human central nervous system, causing dizziness, insomnia, dreams, hair loss and other symptoms, and even the skin of people with a sense of irritation.

Here we want everyone: We'd better not let the phone charge at night, not only bad for the phone, but also for our own health is not good.

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