Charm Blue E3 Fast Charger test: Calm low temperature 1 hours charge 90%!

- Apr 03, 2018-

In the mobile phone industry, there is a strange phenomenon, many mobile phones clearly "gifted", but willing to "live mediocre", this realm is really amazing. To the mobile phone charging experience, for example, many thousand yuan machine from the beginning of the project to add to the rapid charging support, but the press conference but a low-key word does not mention.

The reason is that these handset manufacturers in order to save dozens of yuan fast charger cost, factory only standard 5v/2a charger, even the 5v/1.5a charger. The actual charging experience of the phone has barely reached the level of the iphone.

魅蓝E3快充测试 冷静低温1小时充90%!

The iphone is worth learning, but we often say, learn to "take its essence, to its dross", to take the iphone's dross is your fault. In the mobile phone fast charge, the charm of blue mobile phone manufacturers set a good example, the charm blue one year to launch several thousand Yuan machine, basically all standard high power fast charger, just released the charm Blue E3 is standard the highest 20W fast charge, lets the youth good product also to have the speed charging experience.

The charm Blue E3 standard 3360mAh battery, support cold mcharge fast charge. Inside the fuselage uses the custom electric core, the custom charge pump IC, the custom power adapter, the custom type-c data line, unifies the FlyMe system the brand-new charge management mechanism, finally achieved the charm Blue E3 Ultra high efficiency 20W low temperature fast charge.


The charm Blue E3 fast charge--The velocity measurement Charm Blue official published posters show that the charm Blue E3 30 minutes, can fill 53% of the electricity, charging temperature than the previous generation reduced 4.2 ℃. What about the actual charging experience? In this respect, we have carried out a special detailed test.


The test process, we first will be a blue E3 power completely empty, and then access the charger, every 10 minutes time, record the charm of the blue E3 current electricity.

From the last generated charge line chart, the charm Blue E3 charge of the first 30 minutes in the fast charging phase, the charging speed is very stable, almost no attenuation, in the case of standby to charge 51% of the electricity, this speed with the official 30 minutes full of 53% power is basically equivalent. If we charge in a shutdown state, it is likely to exceed the official figure.


From the 30th minute ~50 minute, this 20 minute still is in the fast charging stage, the charm Blue E3 's charge speed is still very fast, the handset electricity quantity already reached 80%! But can see the slow attenuation, the charge power has certain descent.

From the 50th minute, the charm Blue E3 charging speed began to more obvious attenuation, into the continuous charging phase, and then gradually into trickle charging phase, which also with most of the market fast-charge mobile phone charging mechanism is consistent.

After 85 minutes of charge, the charm Blue E3 electricity reaches 100%.

In the last 35 minutes, the charm Blue E3 filled 20% of the electricity.


Generally speaking, fast enough for two kinds, one is a high voltage current charge, one is low-voltage high current charge. It is generally assumed that the former charge temperature is higher than the latter. Then standard 10v/2a charger of the charm of the blue E3 charging temperature is not very high?

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