China three operators for 5G paving: 2G is about to be swept off the net

- Apr 13, 2018-

April 12 News, as we all know, 5G network is coming. According to the 21st Century Economic report, the three major operators in addition to accelerate the promotion of 5G network, the domestic three operators are busy shutting down 2G network. In order to move 2G users to 4G as soon as possible, canceling 2G network is an important task for the three major operators this year.


According to the data of the three major operators, telecom, Mobile Unicom 4G base station number reached 1.17 million, 1.87 million, 850,000, a total of 3.89 million, 4G network coverage has been gradually improved. According to the data disclosed by the three major operators, by the end of February 2018, China Mobile users total 895 million, of which 233 million non-4G users, China Telecom's total number of mobile users 259 million, of which not 4G users 63 million households, China Unicom mobile users total 290 million, of which not 4G users 103 million households. In 1.444 billion of total mobile users, there are still 399 million 2G, 3G users, accounting for more than 27.6%, of which 2G users close to 300 million households, accounting for the total number of mobile phone users 25%.

It is understood that at present, the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries in more than 20 operators have been shut down 2G network, completed the user migration. After 2G, the high quality band used for 2G network is recycled, and the 2G spectrum is used for 4G network and Nb-iot network construction, which can realize lower construction cost.

It seems that the cancellation of 2G network is only a matter of time, 2G clearing frequency network is to save the spectrum of resources and reduce the cost of operators, can be better resources to apply to 5G more services.

The upcoming 5G in the network speed compared to 4G network will be greatly improved, this year's MWC2018, Qualcomm demonstrated the Xiao Dragon X50 5G Modem, it can achieve 5Gbps download speed, compared to the 4G era in megabytes in MB transmission speed, 5G times in GB as a unit, 5G download speed is very alarming.

Earlier this year, the country's three largest operators disclosed their own 5G network promotion plan, according to China Mobile's latest 2018 5G scale Pilot Plan, this year will be in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan Five cities to carry out 5G outfield test, each city will build more than 100 5G base stations; will also be in Beijing, Chengdu , Shenzhen and other 12 cities for 5G business and application demonstration.

It is reported that China Unicom plan to be the first in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, 7 cities to carry out the test, 2019 commercial, 2020 official commercial. And telecommunications said it will be in the second half of 2018 to 2019 to carry out the scale and commercial test, 2020 to achieve 5G formal commercial.

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