Comprehensive Analysis: The Next Generation iPhone X

- Mar 12, 2018-

Just released several new iPhone

According to Bloomberg News, Apple will launch the largest iPhone ever, as well as a model similar to the iPhone X, as well as a similarly-designed but cheaper version. It is reported that the largest new iPhone screen size will reach 6.5 inches, a very good size. It is likely to be close to the iPhone 8 Plus in body size.

There is also a low-cost new iPhone, it is learned that this device will also have Face ID facial recognition and borderless full screen design. Only the cost reduction, such as the use of LCD screens, aluminum frame instead of stainless steel frame, will not have too many restrictions on the function.

Or OLED screen

next iphone.jpg

According to investors, at least two of the next iPhones will continue to use OLED screens. Apple introduced 5.2-inch, 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch screens to Samsung last year. However, according to Apple's report in September last year, Apple canceled orders for 5.2-inch OLED screens, probably because of market instability.

In addition, Guo Mingzhuo pointed out in a new report that the new 6.1-inch iPhone does not support Apple’s 3D Touch feature, which is a small pity for Apple fans. At present, 3D Touch has become one of the important functions of the Apple iPhone and has been available for some time.

According to other sources, Apple will release a new generation of upgraded iPhone SSE2 in May or June of this year. It is reported that in addition to improving the processor and camera, iPhone SE2 may also be converted into a glass body and join the wireless charging. Functional support.

Design and housing

News from the Nikkei News said that at least one new iPhone will continue to use the metal body next year, while the cheaper 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone will most likely become the carrier of the metal housing. Guo Mingyi also pointed out in the report that the 6.1-inch iPhone will use an aluminum metal case, and Casetek, which currently manufactures metal casings for the iPad, will become the supplier of this iPhone's metal case.

Standard TrueDepth component

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According to Mashable, the next iPhone will not have a TrueDepth sensor on the main camera. Guo Mingjun said that this situation will not change next year. This technology of Apple leads the market at least for a year, so there is no need to extend this function to the main camera next year. Before the outside world had news that next year's new iPhone X dual camera will also be equipped with TrueDepth sensor.

Battery and wireless charging

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In a report issued to investors a few days ago, Guo Mingkai predicted that Apple will further improve and optimize its battery technology next year, so as to achieve the goal of increasing battery capacity.

According to Guo Minghao's prediction, the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone that Apple will release next year will be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2900-3000mAh, which is about 10% higher than the battery capacity of the iPhone X (2716mAh).

It is reported that Apple plans to use a genuine L-type integrated battery on this year's new iPhone, which means that the new iPhone's battery capacity is greater than the current iPhone X, while also being lighter. It is reported that Apple has cooperated with LG Chem and plans to provide the special customized L-shaped battery module by the latter. And LG Chem will set up a factory in Nanjing, China, to produce battery components for the iPhone.

For a long time, battery life has been a major complaint for iPhone users. Almost every function of the iPhone has been upgraded, but its endurance has not changed during these years. Although the 10% increase in capacity is not large, it may help Apple to launch some new high-power features, or extend the iPhone's overall life by one or two hours.

In addition to the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones, it is rumored that Apple will release a 6.1-inch LCD model next year. Guo Mingxi said that the latter should maintain a rectangular battery design to save costs, but the overall capacity should also increase.

Last year, Apple added wireless charging to the iPhone for the first time, and this feature was already very popular on Android smartphones. In 2018, Apple will continue to reserve wireless charging capabilities for the two new iPhones. However, another 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may be a relatively inexpensive device. According to reports, Apple will use a metal body on it, which means it will not support wireless charging.

Since 2014, Energous, a wireless charging developer, has teamed up with Apple to develop wireless charging technology that can charge devices up to 15 feet away. It is also possible that Apple will have similar technology for the new iPhone in the future.

Price and Release Date

next iphone6.jpg

Although the current iPhone X is Apple's most expensive smart phone, Apple may further reduce costs next year. Guo Mingjun once said that Apple hopes to increase sales by reducing the price of the next-generation iPhone.

According to AppleInsider, the 6.1-inch LCD screen is the cheapest version of the new iPhone, and the price is between 650 and 750 US dollars, much lower than the price of the iPhone X, but considering that this product does not have 3D Touch and dual Cameras, such pricing is not surprising.

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