Consumer Reports Top Ten camera

- Mar 02, 2018-

Nowadays, camera function has become an important reference for measuring the quality of mobile phones. 

Mobile phone manufacturers are also looking for ways to enhance the camera's various indicators, such as 

beauty, low light, noise reduction, portraits and even Background blur effect and so on.

美《消费者报告》评十大拍照机 苹果霸气

Now the US authoritative media Consumer Reports has selected the top ten camera phones in the world by 

measuring the resolution, color performance, visual noise and dynamic range of photos and video frames.

The results of some accidents, Apple, Samsung, two companies swept all the top ten camera phone list, Apple's performance is more prominent. iPhone X and iPhone 8 series respectively ranked the top three in the list, Samsung S8 + ranked fourth, iPhone 7 and 6 Plus ranked fifth and sixth. The top four were also won by the Samsung S8, Note8, iPHone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active respectively.


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