Dismantling Samsung S9: Variable aperture is so fun

- Mar 15, 2018-

Samsung’s new generation of flagship Galleria S9 launched by MWC has attracted much attention since its release, not only because of its high face value, its own design style and flagship hardware configuration, but also its night view. The imaging effect once again surprised us, thanks to the large aperture of the S9. Recently, there have been foreign technology players dismantling the S9, let us see the mystery of its variable aperture.

Samsung S9.jpg

Variable aperture.jpg

From the above motion picture, you can see that the player dismantled the Samsung S9 and found a joystick that controls the iris blades next to the lens module. It can automatically set the Samsung S9 default F2 according to the shooting environment. .4 The aperture switches to the F1.5 aperture with the largest amount of incoming light, which enhances our photo experience in low light conditions. Samsung S9 will analyze the current light conditions when taking pictures, automatically select the best aperture size for us, and control the aperture blade closure in an electric manner.

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