Do you know the three major trends of the iPhone

- Jul 03, 2018-

Trend 1: Deep sensing lens will be fully rolled out

The iPhone X is the only existing Apple phone with a deep lens. In addition to facial recognition, it also allows you to customize the production of dynamic expressions. One of the most important new features of iOS 12 is Memoji.

This shows that on the next iPhone and iPad, Memoji will be used in large numbers. In other words, the configuration of the deep lens will be universal. For example, the rumored three new iPhones and the new iPad Pro in 2018.

BETA 2.jpg

Trend 2: AR popularization

In fact, this is completely predictable from ARKit released by Apple. In the iOS 12 public beta, there is an APP that can measure physical objects with AR. AR enhancements are at the heart of iOS 12. Apple has added features such as continuous multi-user experience, 3D object recognition, face tracking, scene reflexing, etc., and has also derived the USDZ file format, enabling various apps to quickly view AR augmented reality scenes.

IOS12 BETA2.jpg

Today, Apple AR technology is in the leading position in the industry. Previously, it was reported that Apple is developing an immersive technology that allows mobile content to jump out of the phone. Perhaps it is an AR eye device that may also make us unimaginable black technology.

Trend 3: Full screen narrow border will become standard

iOS 12 made a lot of adjustments for the iPad, such as the time and date on the status bar moved to the top left corner of the screen; the top right corner shows the current Wi-Fi/LTE connection, Bluetooth status, and battery margin. This is the layout of the iPhone X!


For example, the control center now slides down from the upper right corner of the screen to open instead of sliding up from the bottom. Not only are these two similar to the iPhone X, but the iPad also incorporates the same gestures, such as swiping up from the bottom of the Dock dock to return to the home screen. Obviously, the next iPad product will also be the same full screen + narrow border as the iPhone X.

In any case, iOS 12 may be a major upgrade in Apple's development process. What it really brings to us, we will wait and see.

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