Domestic mobile phone share in the first quarter of 2018: Opportunities are still

- Apr 19, 2018-

2018 can be said to be a year of surging, the mobile market situation is turbulent, not only the outbreak of a full-screen, but also Liu Haiping's popular, but also the decline of some manufacturers. The models released by major manufacturers, if they were not equipped with Liu Haiping, could not even say that they were full screens. After a fierce competition of 3 months, the share of domestic mobile phones was released in the first quarter of 2018.


The data was provided by big data service provider Questmobile. As of the end of March, Apple’s market share in China ranked first, as high as 25.7%. It has to be said that this has a very big relationship with Apple’s extremely high technological innovation capability and aesthetic design. Last year's release of the iPhone X is based on excellent overall screen design and powerful performance in the mobile phone market all the way to speed, driving a wave of Liu Haiping wave.


After Apple, starting from the second place, most of them are domestic manufacturers (except Samsung), which are OPPO, Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi, and Jinli. Broadly speaking, other manufacturers than Apple can be divided into two camps, and the second camp has a market share higher than 10%. The top five combined market share accounted for 82.3% of the market. Overall, the share of mobile phone brands left behind is not too much, but the opportunities are still there!

From the data, it is easy to see that the melee of the mobile phone market can be said to be increasingly fierce. It is expected that in the next few years, it is likely to continue shuffling. If there is not enough independent innovation capability, we will want to establish a foothold in the current market environment. More difficult.

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