Extremely thin, bare metal feel - Bangshi tempered film (for iPhone X) experience

- Mar 07, 2018-

Mobile phones are now more and more powerful, but they are also becoming more and more fragile. As a result of being careless, the screen is likely to be shattered. Therefore, the Teflon film is indispensable to handicapped parties. However, the vast majority of the market will bring a problem that is too thick and affect the feel, aesthetics will be greatly reduced, so I until the use of HD film, rather than steel film, but today received a trial of mobile phone China Keshi X PRO +, left me a very good impression, share with you today.

In the packaging, Bang Ke Shi X PRO + with a wedge, the overall package is still very texture.

【图片1】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

【图片2】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

【图片3】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

【图片4】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

Because the iPhone X uses a face ID design, the market is divided into two camps of tempered film, one is the gap made out of facial ID components, one is all-inclusive design. Bangs X PRO + for the latter, all-inclusive design is indeed able to better protect the phone, reducing dust accumulation, aesthetics can be improved.

【图片5】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

One of the big reasons that all-in packs can be made without affecting the face recognition is because the BONEX X PRO + has an extremely thin profile of only 0.23mm. Although the steel film I used earlier was thinner than this one, it was not a factor in safety, and the ordinary HD film does not have the smooth feel of a BONEX X PRO +.

Bangke Shi X PRO + glass made radian processing, so it can cover the screen more arc, the film is also very convenient process, tempering film removed, aligned buckle, the exhaust just fine. Here to remind everyone, if posted iPhone X, the screen will be better to put some light paste.

【图片7】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

Bangke X PRO + in the tempered film also made oleophobic processing, so the screen feel is also made me more satisfied, people can not help but to rub the screen.

【图片18】极致纤薄,裸机手感—邦克仕钢化膜(for iPhone X)体验

Pleasant out of the box experience, convenient low failure rate of the film process, 0.23mm the ultimate slim and delicate greasy touch ... Bangxishi X PRO + from packaging to experience gave me enough surprise. For those who like bare metal feel but also worried about the thick film of small partners may consider considering the BECKX X PRO +, I believe it will not let you down.

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