Five hazards of common data line, be careful to damage your mobile phone

- Jul 11, 2017-

With a few days, the end of the broken line, charging an hour to 10%, even on the IPAD, but how can not show... This is the problem we often encounter when using charging data lines. More serious, such as charging their own mobile phones, charging, resulting in spontaneous combustion and other accidents are inevitable. How to choose a high value and safe data line, away from the hazards of ordinary products, the following five points need attention:

1, charging speed is slow

Charge 50% power in an hour Or 5 hours in 10%? A charging line charging performance is strong, how to see the loading current and voltage drop and in other words, to see through the charging line in the current, how much electricity, how much discount, discount with the core line impedance related. At present, some ordinary charging lines on the market, the current is extremely unstable, easy to consume mobile phone battery life. According to the test data of the charging head forum, nylon woven charging line output voltage and charging current of three kinds of equipment were higher than other brands of charging line, and the pressure drop is lower, the amount of current that bigger and stronger performance loss less.


2, the transmission speed is slow

Some people believe that the length of the data line affects the transmission rate. In fact, within a certain length, has a great influence on the data line length are not qualified for the transmission speed, the ordinary charging line most on the market only 2 core, but Tao Sheng technology data line with 4 nylon wire, can support data transmission and charging. In addition, charging and data transmission speed of wire diameter is also more or less influence to the mobile phone, if the wire is not good, the wire diameter and short, so even if the data is normal line length, the transmission performance is not good, or even a data line heating condition, cause a safety hazard.

3, thread easily broken and broken

This point does not need too much comment, but used the ordinary data line must feel, there are many reasons for the thread breakage, fracture, such as leather, inferior line core overheating, repeated and long time roll line plug. In the purchase, it is best to select some fine workmanship. The Nylon Braided data line adopts a woven net wrapped with tin plated high purity copper core with foil shielding layer, which greatly reduces the heating loss while increasing charging and data rates. It is worth noting that the nylon woven data line embarrassed dogs 3000 times and 10000 times the test plug swing test, complete data line to reduce the risk of injury.

4, too long, difficult to carry

The last flaw in the common data line comes from the design. The length is too long, easy to curl, charge for 10 minutes, break the line for an hour. And the short length of the data line can not help charging. Therefore, the moderate length is convenient to take in and convenient to take. In addition, some ordinary manufacturers in order to save costs, select some cheap material as line leather, so we always find that after using a period of time, the data line will harden, leading to charging blocked.

5, the current is not stable, burn the hardware

The survey found that the average data line could potentially damage an important chip in the phone because of the current instability. The chip is responsible for controlling the charging voltage, power button, USB function, and so on. After the damage, the phone will not boot. A professional charging line generates a limiting voltage when the current is too large to protect the phone from damage.

To sum up, charging data line as an important channel for mobile phone supply, must have fast charging, security, data transmission stability, durable, easy to carry these five basic features. Suggest that users in the data line damage, do not choose the ordinary brand as a supply, otherwise it will not only waste money, the phone may also be damaged.

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