Give you 6 reasons to choose a Chinese mobile phone

- Jul 21, 2018-

1. More and more innovations and highlights

In addition to the iPhoneX in recent years, Apple's new machine is unsatisfactory in terms of several other models. In contrast, domestic mobile phones, no longer imitate Apple, but have gradually led the development direction of Apple mobile phones.

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In April 2016, Huawei and Leica released Huawei's new P9 flagship series, equipped with a rear dual camera. Although it is not the first dual-camera phone, it has completely opened the era of dual-camera phones. At the Apple Autumn New Product Launch Conference in September of the same year, the iPhone 7 Plus was released.

In October 2016, Xiaomi MIX's flagship release, bringing a comprehensive screen concept of ultra-high screen ratio, leading the future design direction of smart phones. In September 2017, Apple released the 10th Anniversary Edition iPhone X, which uses a special-shaped screen design.

This year's vivo NEX and OPPO Find X bring us great surprises. Whether it is NEX's lift camera or Find X's dual-track periscope lifting module, it can be said that the most comprehensive full-screen experience is made in China. The manufacturer realized, I don't know what Apple will do next.

2. Rear invincible + front beauty

Nowadays, camera performance has become one of the important factors for users to purchase mobile phones. Mobile phone photos are divided into rear and front. For the rear camera, Huawei P20 Pro has reached the top of the DxOMark rankings. In addition, the HTC U12+, Huawei P20 and Xiaomi 8 are also on the iPhone X.

In terms of front-facing photos, domestic mobile phones provide self-portrait beauty functions, and even some rear-facing cameras provide beauty effects. It turns out that most users like them. However, the iPhone is an exception. His camera has never provided a "beauty effect" from beginning to end, and it is believed that this has made many users who like selfies very disappointed.

3. Large capacity battery + fast charge

Nowadays, mobile phones are a necessity for life, and the endurance is naturally the focus of everyone's attention. Compared with Apple's flagship mobile phones, the largest battery capacity in the Plus model is the iPhone 6 Plus, which has a battery capacity of 2915mAh. At present, Android phones rarely have a mobile phone with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh or less, and Android phones with 4000+, 5000+ or even larger capacity batteries abound.

There is no doubt that the iPhone's battery capacity of less than 3000mAh can only be said to be a pediatrics in the Android mobile phone camp. Besides, let's not forget that the domestic mobile phone has fast charging technology. In contrast, Apple still uses the last one. The 5V1A of the era is "slow-filled."

4. Various color matching + customized version

The value of the skin is also the focus of the purchase of new machines. The current color scheme of the iPhone series is really not much. The latest iPhone8 series is available in silver, gold, deep gray and red, while the iPhoneX is only available in two colors. . But the domestic mobile phone is different, the color of the color is black, white, red, green, blue, purple, gold, silver, gray, gray, blue, dream, red, nebula, special edition. has a transparent exploration version of Xiaomi 8.

If these colors are still not enough, the domestic mobile phone has a customized version, and there are various types of spokespersons who like to chase stars. The sports world has an extraordinary version of the World Cup... like comics, there is a custom version of Marvel, a custom version of Gintama... like the second element. Hatsune custom version... like the high-end Porsche design version, Lamborghini version, etc., ask your heart is not heart!

5. System open + function more

In recent years, the gap between the performance and fluency of domestic mobile phones and Apple is shrinking, and in the high-end flagship, the experience of the two is gradually approaching. Although Apple’s mobile phone is not used for three or four years, the flagship model is two. The problem of not being stuck in the year is still not big.

In addition, various domestic Android custom UIs have their own characteristics, such as Xiaomi's MIUI, Meizu's Flyme, Hammer smartisan OS, etc., which are very good, while domestic mobile phones bring "split screen", "picture in picture", " Practical functions such as "applications" and "Big Bang" are not possible with Apple systems.

6. The price range is wider + after sales

Finally, the biggest difference between the domestic mobile phone and the Apple mobile phone is the price. Compared with the starting price of 5,000 yuan for the Apple mobile phone, the domestic mobile phone has a corresponding model at almost every price. It can be said that the audience is wider. . In addition, with the development of domestic mobile phones in recent years, there are many flagship models available for the 3,000-yuan gear. Compared with Apple's conventional flagship, it not only has obvious advantages in appearance, battery life and function, but also the price. It's still a lot cheaper.

In addition, now buying a mobile phone can not simply look at the mobile phone product itself, but also consider whether the brand has a complete set of personalized services. From the post-sales ranking of online statistics during the 315 period this year, we can see that the after-sales satisfaction of OPPO, vivo, glory and Huawei has been above Apple, which also makes us more assured when purchasing domestic mobile phones.

I have seen so many reasons, what other reasons do you choose to make a domestic mobile phone? Welcome everyone to share in the following message~

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