God! iPhone can also be found in the train toilet

- May 14, 2018-

What if I accidentally lost my newly purchased iPhone X? As a "high-end luxury", if you really lose it, you will feel a loss of meat. The iPhone X lost event that occurred recently has found the lost mobile phone quickly through the use of sophisticated technology and the combination of the police and the people. How exactly is this done?


For example, what happens when a mobile phone falls into the bathroom? Of course, it is solved by positioning. This happened on a train in Nanjing recently. A lady accidentally dropped the newly purchased iPhone X into the toilet of the train. However, due to the particularity of the train, the phone could not be picked up after it fell. After the incident related personnel through the positioning query, found that the phone near Nanjing Libomen Station, the police carefully looking in the area along the rail, lost 7 hours later, the mobile phone finished Zhao. Similarly, if the iPhone is lost in other places, it can be searched in the same way. In most cases, it is still very easy to use.


How to locate the iPhone after it is lost?

First of all, "Settings" - "iCloud" - "Find my iPhone", then use a PC or Mac computer to log on www.icloud.com, the password to log in is its own Apple ID, after landing to find "find my iPhone" option. Click to enter "find my iPhone" will automatically locate the location.

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