How do you distinguish your iPhone7 charger cable is original or not? Is the original data line soft or hard???

- Feb 02, 2018-

How does the IPhone7 charger cable identify whether it is original

1, check the packaging of the accessories, the certified third party parts packaging on the "MFi logo" and "Made for iPhone/iPad" words;

2, check the accessories. The Lightning to USB cable manufactured by Apple is about 17 centimeters away from the USB linker, printed on the words "Designed by Apple in California Assembled California". After that, there are 12 or 17 serial numbers.

3. The certified third party Lightning to USB cable will have a company brand on the Lightning linker connector.

4. Identify the impostor and uncertified Lightning accessories through the Lightning linker and laser etching.

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Other methods:

1. observe the shape of the contact point of the data line

The contact points and contact planes of the original data lines are usually rounded rectangles, while some cottage data lines have no rounded corners or small missing corners. They are not integrated. On the metal contacts, the original is a little brighter than the Shanzhai data line.

2. see if there is a dent in the USB Street

On the USB connector, the original original data line generally has no pits, exquisite workmanship, and some Shanzhai data line joints have pits, and the inner side contacts with metal color is poor.

3. to observe the concave and convex marks on the side of the interface

The shape of the side concave side of the positive data line joint is clear, and the workmanship is more careful. But the Shanzhai data line joint is very thin and rough on the notch. Look at it!

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