How is Vivo NEX life / fast chargeing?I will let you know

- Jul 17, 2018-

4 hours battery life

The 4-hour battery life is a scenario test that simulates the daily use of everyone. The test consists of 8 software that will be used by most of the daily routines, each of which is tested for 30 minutes. The eight softwares include: Weibo, online video, local music, vibrato, photo, game (king glory), WeChat and call. Each test was conducted for 30 minutes for a total of 4 hours.

After 4 hours of 8 software tests, the Vivo NEX has a remaining battery power of 67% and has a good battery life. The medium-strength use time is almost no problem for about one and a half days, but it is also related to the frequency of use, habits and the signal strength of the environment. If it is used heavily, there is basically no problem for a day or so.


In addition to battery life, the speed of charging is also very concerned about everyone. The vivo NEX is equipped with a dual-engine fast charge of up to 22.5W, and the charging speed is quite good. The charging of the mobile phone is also quite good when charging. There is no problem playing at all, but Xiaobian still does not recommend that you play large games while charging, the heat of the fuselage will be higher than usual.

Specifically, vivo NEX 0~100% charging takes 1 hour and 32 minutes, can be charged 52% in half an hour, and can charge 85% in one hour. For a 4000 mAh mobile phone, such charging speed can be said. It is quite good.

Standby power consumption performance

The 8-hour standby power consumption simulates how much power is lost when the phone is fully charged when the screen is off at night. It is also an indirect test of the performance of the phone in a lock screen state.

After the actual test, the vivo NEX is off-screen standby (empting the background, not turning on the off-screen clock). The 8-hour power-down is 3%, and the performance is remarkable.

to sum up:

Vivo NEX in the mobile phone of many Snapdragon 845 processors, 4000mAh battery capacity is also relatively high, the actual test life is very good, no need to worry about the lack of power for daily use, one and a half hours of charging speed is also satisfactory . However, battery life is not the main highlight of this new machine. For those who don't have a bangs full screen and have high configuration requirements, consider this new machine.

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