How to choose the right mobile phone

- Aug 07, 2018-

1 Clear budget and determine the scope of purchase

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First of all, when you buy a new machine, you must know what your budget is. There are many mobile phone models on the market, and the pricing is not the same. When you clear your budget, you can quickly help you to lock the scope of your choice. At present, the price range of new machines in the mobile phone market can be roughly divided into several sections, 1,000 yuan or less, 1000-1999 yuan, 2000-2999 yuan, 3000-3999 yuan, and high-end mobile phones of more than 4,000 yuan. This price is not just Samsung and Apple's world, in recent years, there are many models available in domestic mobile phones.

2 primary needs, preliminary determination of the candidate model


After clear budget, the second is to clearly define the primary needs of the new machine. At present, the characteristics of mobile phones can be roughly divided into performance, battery life, camera, appearance, brand, and system (in no particular order). Choose one of the best selling points among the selling points. Other aspects can be used as relatively unimportant conditions. These items are sorted according to priority, so that you can further select the models to be selected.

For example: If you value mobile phone performance the most, then you can choose the processor with the best processor and memory performance within the scope of your determined purchase. Of course, if you want to buy a top-quality mobile phone with a budget of 2,000 yuan, it is not realistic. We can only choose to be more in line with the demand within a fixed price range.

3 secondary demand, further screening models

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After determining the primary needs in terms of performance, battery life, camera, appearance, and brand, if there are similar models available, you can find your own sub-requirements based on other aspects, and step by step to eliminate some of the candidates. model. For example, if you find two new machines with similar performance, you can compare the appearance, and the features of Liu Haiping, rear fingerprint, body material, etc. can help you to eliminate the model to be selected again.

4 choose the right memory version

After the above rounds of screening, you should be able to pick the model that suits you best. Finally, select the specification version of the memory. At present, 4G storage is almost standard, but the flagship 6G is not high. . Nowadays, the size of Android software is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more applications need to be resident in the background. The memory requirements are quite large. If the budget is limited, Xiaobian still strongly recommends that at least 4G start, and the storage space starts at 64G.

Overall, buying a mobile phone is a process of trade-offs and trade-offs. In the case of a budgeted setting, priority is given to meeting the primary needs while taking into account other factors. I hope that everyone can buy a mobile phone when they buy a mobile phone. If you have any questions or good methods about mobile phone purchase, please feel free to communicate with us.

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