How to protect mobile from falling down

- Dec 26, 2017-

phone case

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People will inevitably have mistakes, even if be careful not completely avoid the phone accidentally being wrestled, this time you need to protect the phone shell. Different material of the phone shell for the fall of the buffer force is not the same. Under normal circumstances, the softer the better the cell phone cushioning force, so often throw the phone can use a more gentle texture of soft TPU and silicone material.

In addition to this material, clamshell phone case is also a good choice, it can also protect the screen. But not too stylish for young people. 

Glass Protector


On the role of anti-drop, then the preferred is tempered film. Steel film to a certain extent, reduce injury, played a role in reducing the chances of debris. There is also a very practical, that is, nano-explosion-proof membrane and water film. Both are the main explosion-proof drop, currently used in the majority of curved screen mobile phone. Therefore, a serious fall mobile phone, you can consider the nano-film and hydrogel membrane.

Lanyard and ring buckle


In addition to the above two, some mobile phone peripheral products also have a good role, such as lanyard and ring buckle, one without exception beautiful, two very practical.

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