HTC U11 Plus by 3C certification, the new features of the country exposure

- Sep 30, 2017-

HTC U11 Plus is coming out of the ground is not groundless, as early as HTC and Google reached a $ 1.1 billion agreement, HTC head Wang Xuehong has confirmed its next flagship will be named U11 Plus. According to the industry, HTC U11 Plus is an upgraded version of U11, will be released in November. And since as an upgraded version of HTC U11, U11 Plus must have the same with the former. From the National Quality Certification Center published the latest information, we are more convinced of this idea.

HTC U11 Plus获3C认证 国行新功能曝光

At present, the National Quality Certification Center published information display, HTC's model for the HTC 2Q4D200 new machine access to the 3C certification, this new machine is equipped with the charger model and output specifications and U11 the same, so it may be HTC U11 Plus country Line version.

It is worth mentioning that, under the influence of a comprehensive screen, HTC U11 Plus will also be equipped with 5.99 inch 2K resolution full screen, the full screen from the JDI, also has an aspect ratio of 18: 9. In addition to the aircraft will carry Xiaolong 835 processor, with 8 million pixel front lens and 12 million pixel main camera, providing 64GB and 128GB of storage capacity version.

Now look, HTC U11 Plus and Google kiss son Pixel 2 be the same strain. This is reflected in the new features, HTC U11 Plus may be the same as Pixel 2 support eSIM card. The eSIM card features a traditional SIM card that is embedded directly into a mobile phone chip, rather than as a separate removable component, which means that the user can flexibly convert the operator.

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