Huawei claims to be the inventor of the bang design Apple is just take to start

- Apr 24, 2018-

There are several models that Huawei currently uses to design Liu Haiping, especially the new flagship P20 and P20 Pro. Many of these friends are not very approve of this, do not understand why Huawei must copy Apple's controversial design. Recently, at the Huawei analyst summit, Forbes took the opportunity to interview Li Changzhu, the director of Huawei's solution strategy and vice president of mobile phone product lines. Li Changzhu told Forbes that Huawei's "bangs" design is not a copy of Apple, but it is actually Huawei. It was the first mobile phone manufacturer to invent "Liu Hai" screen.

Li Changzhu claimed that Huawei's first mobile phone R&D for "bang" screen design dates back to "three to four years ago," but internally refused to introduce such equipment into mass production, because the market is not yet ready. He said that the "Liu Hai" screen design is somewhat rational, but the company decided to shelve it because it was worried that consumers would not accept it or the market response was not good enough.

The key point is that Huawei itself acknowledged that Apple pioneered the market and eventually emerged as the first company to invent this design, but missed this opportunity.

However, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have recently tasted the benefits of "bangs" design gimmicks, and they have followed suit to launch a large number of new models of "bangs" screens, claiming to be a necessary stage for ultra-narrow borders or "borderless" designs. He also believes that his design "Liu Hai" is smaller and more beautiful than the iPhone X, so that the proportion of mobile phone screens is higher, and notifications and status displays are not affected. Not only that, many manufacturers not only use the "Liu Hai" screen in the flagship, but also plans to cover the various price and size models.

Regarding Huawei as the inventor of the "bang" screen design,what you think?

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