Huawei honor 9 will not cancel headphone hole

- May 23, 2017-

In addition, honor 9 uses a post dual camera design, a 20 million pixel black and white camera, a 12 million pixel color camera, both to shoot the depth of field, but also has a good low light shooting performance. However, in the case of excellent hardware configuration, what the appearance of glory 9 will be like?

honor 9

Previously, users exposure renderings show that the overall design of glory 9 and glory 8 difference, but the back fingerprint identification to front fingerprint identification. In addition, the news said, glory 9 will cancel 3.5mm headphone hole, but for this problem, glory President Zhao Ming but said, and will not cancel headphone hole design.

It is reported that some netizens in Zhao Ming's micro-blog commented: "glory 90 million, do not cancel the headset hole," and Zhao Ming's reply is: who said the cancellation? Zhao Ming also said that for innovation and innovation is not necessary, it is not difficult to see, glory 9 is not intended to cancel the headphone hole.

From the current market situation, the abolition of mobile phone manufacturers have joined many important members of the mobile phone, including apple, millet and hammer. But from the point of view of user's habits, it is a kind of persistence to keep the earphone hole. Xiao Bian think, as long as the user feel good, headphone holes have reservations necessary, what do you think?

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